Oui Therapeutics

We exist to provide life saving treatments by developing digital therapeutics proven to help patients

How we started

Our company is purpose built to tackle suicide and other challenging health care problems. We have been fortunate to have been successful scaling earlier generation digital therapy and behavioral health companies broadly (including novel reimbursement for new delivery paradigms and private and public exists). We have a deep understanding of the payer ecosystem (including C suite roles at health insurers). We have been involved in bringing new classes of FDA regulated products to market (including new mechanisms of action for diseases including schizophrenia). We have brought novel payment models to market inside payers and through companies we have built. We have published landmark studies, including developing new interventions and leading randomized, controlled trials showing dramatic reduction in suicide attempts.

We are now bringing all of this together in a singular place with a singular purpose: Novel treatments for patients who have no accessible, good, or proven interventions.


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